Colouring in Pictures

Please find below a selection of coloring in pictures divided in to various categories. You can print these out for your kids to colour in.

Animals - People - Views - Machines - Plants - Greeting Cards

Colour in Animals


Colour in People


Colour in Views


Colour in Machines


Colour in Plants


Colour in Greeting Cards (Printing Tips)


Colour in Printing Tips

Below are printing instructions for single pictures, lots of pictures on one sheet, or just a single picture.


 1 - Choose a Picture and Click

choose a picture and click



2 - Picture will Be brought up on black back ground. Right Click. Choose "Save Image As . . ."




3 - Save to Desktop

(Repeat steps 1 - 3 if you intend to print a selection of pictures.)

Choose a path below.


Print Out a Greeting Card


Print Out a Single Picture

Print Out Lots of Pictures on One Sheet

4 - Find the picture on you desktop and right click select "rotate clockwise", do this twice the picture will now be upside down.

4 - Go to desktop. Right Click on Picture select "Print". You wills see the below. Click Print Button.

4 - Go to the desktop and drag a box around all of the pictures you want print.

5 - Right Click on Picture Again this time select "Print". You wills see the below.

5 - Right Click on Picture Again this time select "Print". You wills see the below.

6- When the picture prints you will be able to fold the paper and make a card.

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